Abdominal Stretches

Chapter 2

The Anatomy Of The Abdominal

    4 muscles

    • Rectus Abdominis
    • Transverse Abdominal
    • Internal Oblique
    • External Oblique
Abdominal Wall | Abdominal Stretches

This is a muscle group when increasing strength is commonly focused on can sometimes become too tense and can lead to postural problems. This is where abdominal stretches can assist you.

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Benefits Abdominal Stretches

Abdominal stretches help in maintaining a balance between strength and flexibility within the core. While not as common, a tight core can lead to postural problems.

Abdominal Stretching Exercises

Baby Cobra Pose

    Baby Cobra Pose 1 | Abdominal Stretches
    Baby Cobra Pose 2 | Abdominal Stretches
  • Start lying down on your stomach with your palms on the floor directly under your shoulders. Your feet should be pointed.
  • Keeping your elbows to your sides, press your hands firmly into the floor and begin to lift your chest into a mild backbend.
  • Once in position, actively press your shoulder blades into your upper back and expand your chest as you breathe in.
  • Without lowering your chest, draw your shoulders away from your ears as to elongate your neck and lifting the base of your skull away from your shoulders.
  • When you are ready to come down, slowly lower yourself to the floor, keeping your torso long.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

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Side Bend

    Side Bend 1 | Abdominal Stretches
    Side Bend 2 | Abdominal Stretches
  • Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and look directly ahead of you.
  • Lift one arm up above your head and slowly bend sideways while reaching down with the opposite hand, until you feel a stretch at the side of your trunk.
  • Maintain the stretch without twisting or leaning forward. Slowly return to initial position.
  • For more support, you can stand next to a wall so your outstretched hand can use the wall as extra support.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

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Seated Rotation

    Seated Rotation 1 | Abdominal Stretches
    Seated Rotation 2 | Abdominal Stretches
  • Sit down on a chair with your spine straight.
  • Rotate your body to one side and hold the position.
  • Can use the chair to help hold the position.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.
  • Don’t push yourself into pain.

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