21 Flexibility exercises

Flexibility Exercises: 21 Stretches To Help Improve Your Overall Fitness

Flexibility exercises may not be the most appealing part of working out, but doing mobility work can help build a well-balanced fitness as part of your strength and cardio training. Including some stretching drills into your workout program will help improve flexibility, lessen tightness, and make workouts more effective. It’s true that flexibility exercises aren’t exciting, […]

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Proprioception and balance


Learn the importance of proprioception and how it can help with recovering from an injury or to improve balance and prevent future injuries.

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Tight Glutes you need to stretch

5 Simply stretches to help loosen your tight glutes!

When you wake up in the morning do you find that your ability to move is at an all time low?
Are you unable to reach down to pick things up, or does touching your toes seem like it should be a scene from mission impossible?
Well, don’t just blame it on old age because it might be due to tight muscles.

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The Definitive Guide To Stretching

Stretching | A Definitive Guide To Easily Improve Flexibility

In this guide, you’re going to learn about a variety of stretches for your body. (You’ll see some of the stretches that you might already know, but should leave with a better understanding of how the stretch benefits you and your overall fitness.) But wait, there’s more! We ALSO provide access to a number of other stretches that can help improve your mobility. And in this guide we walk you through each of the stretches, step-by-step.

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